Advanced EMI Calculator

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Advances Emi calcutor will help your customer to calculate thier EMI amount most easily based upon the interest rates and loan amount entered.

EMI calculator will give opportunity to your customer to know total anout of interest, principal amount, tax and other amount monthwise and year wise.

One of the most unique features is that it gives the opportunity for your visitors to receive reports on their email account.

Your users will be happy for archiving their reports and will come back for more in order to compare with older ones
Every time they request for a report you will get an email notification about the query of your customer along with his email id.

Fields used in EMI Calculator

1) Total Anount
2) Downpayment Amount. If there is no Downpayment leave it with 0 value
3) Property Tax. If there is no property tax leave it with 0 value
4) Term in year
5) Interest Rate
6) PMI. If there is no PMI leave it with 0 value
7) Property Insurance. If there is no property insurance leave it with 0 value
8) Start Date

Installation and Setup

1) Extract the source zip file
2) Open the index.html page and copy the widget_calcc_init function.
3) Open the page (incase of any php page youc an add it in footer part also) where you want to add the calculator and paste it in footer area.
4) Copy the widget.js file from the js folder and paste it in your js folder.
5) Back to your page and add the js file above the widget_calcc_init function you add.
6) Copy the id of the div or elemet where you want to load the calculator and change the value of targetdivid of widget_calcc_init function with your id.
7) Change other values of widget_calcc_init functions variables as you want and save the page.
8) Make sure two php file will be there at the same root of the page where you will load the calculator.
Now run your page.

Not a plugin but can use in wordpress manually

Here is how

1) Uplaod the js file in js folder of your theme. If there is no js folder in your theme create one and uplaod the widget.js file.
2) Add the js file in footer.php in your theme and also add the widget_calcc_init function just under the js file you include.
3) Change the targetdivid value with your target element id you want to use to load the calculator.
4) Change other values of targetdivid
5) Save the footer.php and run your site.
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Advanced EMI Calculator

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