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Appointment Booking System for Multiple Account (Compatible with all sectors)

Product Details

Appointment Booking System allows the registered and approved companies to manage their appointment. Visitors find appointments that are empty on the criteria they want. He can request a reservation for vacant appointments he finds.Companies see incoming appointment requests. They approve or reject.


  • Compatible for many areas (sports facilities, Renting a house,clinical appointment system… )
  • Responsive design, mobile friendly design for users and administrators.
  • Companies can easily send membership requests. When the admin approves, their accounts are opened.
  • Companies can add, update and delete appointments on the calendar
  • Company can update appointments by sizing and droping.
  • Different type of view support month, week, day, list day, list week on calendar.
  • Companies can add, update, or delete things they will provide for reservation.(their complex. default max count : 10)
  • Companies can add, update and delete their announcements
  • Companies can approve or reject incoming reservation requests
  • Companies can create slides for up to 3 photos for their complex
  • Companies can manage their profile information and the confidentiality of the appointment book on the settings page.
  • Companies can send a message to the admin for help.
  • Companies can change their passwords.
  • Visitors can find appointment options for the date, category and city of their choice.
  • Visitors can request for the appointment options they find.
  • Message transmission with stylish alerts.

Admin Features:

  • Displays charts about reservations and registered companies
  • Approves or rejects incoming registration requests
  • Displays incoming messages, can reply.
  • Can freeze or delete company accounts
  • Can add and update categories, cities and districts
  • Can change password
  • Export all list in Excel, CSV and PDF format
  • Can search and sort in list data

Technologies Features:

  • .Net Core 2.1 MVC
  • In-Tier architecture is developed with EntityFramework code first technique
  • Fluent Validation (Powerfull validation for server side and client side)
  • Role-based membership system with Identity Core
  • Angular.js
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • FullCalendar
  • Pagination and image resize

Demo Link:
Example Company Account : Username : allegro, Password : 123456
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Appointment Booking System for Multiple Account (Compatible with all sectors)

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