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If you want to create beautiful and unique user interface in your android games without spending time and effort this product is for you.

It’s a plug and play solution with more than 400 ready to use media assets, 40 different configurations to create unique and wonderful buttons, 25 button animations and up to 30 easy to use methods to have the functionality you need.

What you will get:

1. The Gaming buttons android library .aar file. 2. The Android project I used to create the video preview. 3. Full documentation of the library. 4. A guide on how to import .aar file in android studio. 5. Free future updates

Some of the key features of this products are:

- 212 button icons - 5 button styles (Shiny,Bubbly,Cutie,Curvy,Woody) - 4 button shapes (square,circle,rectangle,oval) - 12 button colors - 30 on button click sound effects - 25 button animations with the ability of custom configuration (delay,speed,duration) - 10 images to place behind button with the ability to add one of your own. - The ability to link buttons functionality - Buttons controller to perform a task to multiple buttons with one line of code (e.g. lock, mute, animate and other) - Ability to add your own button image, icon and sound effect and keep all the other functionality

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Awesome gaming buttons - Android library

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Software Version: Android 8.1


Android 8.1