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BookRental Tracker - Full Source Code in ASP.NET & C#

Product Details

BookRental is a ASP.NET and C# project that aims to help a user have better track on books rented and in this scenario for a fictitious book store, however it can be deployed for use after proper training and walkthrough is done for such line of thought. The functionalities include:

Main Application Homepage- Home screen for the project BookRental Homepage – displays current books available About Page – This is a the about page for the business Contact Page – Hold contact details about the business Membership Type Management – These are the various Membership Types available and the corresponding charges one will incur. For this platform we have the Pay per Rental and Member types. Books Management – This is the CRUD page for books User Management – This is the CRUD page for users Genre Management – This is the CRUD page for Genres – Genres are the sections or categories books can fall under and include: Historical, Drama, Science Fiction and Romance etc

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BookRental Tracker - Full Source Code in ASP.NET & C#

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