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Features List: - Once the file or folder is found, you will have several options such as open it, read it You can search file like photo, video, pdf… - Your files and folders are automatically sorted by their file types and characteristics Downloads / Images / Audio / Videos / Documents) so that you can easily find exactly the file you are looking for. - You can see and manage all applications installed on your local device Backup apps Uninstall apps Share apps Play store app link Manager – categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps (Manager to open, backup, or directly uninstall any app) View all applications installed in device. You can stop or delete apps, delete data or cash of apps, backup app as APK file. - Quick Search by name when the file position cannot remember. - Full text Search application to search the filename and on your mobile phone It search phone numbers, contacts, apps, etc. - CONTACTS Search – by name, NOTES, emails, phones, postal addresses, organization. Call or SMS contacts Search for contact on the go and perform any function which you want. Send SMS or contact easily or view the contact by a single tap. - Instant Delete files and folders - Search works with Phone storage and SD cards - Rename any files and folder - Filter files and folders using Audio, APK, Bookmarks, Compressed, Folder, Picture, Video, Documents - Sort files and folder list by Name, Path, Size, Type or Last date of Modify either Ascending or Descending - view and manage files on your Android Mobiles. - Support local file search, music, video, image etc. - Support in app open (music, video, image, pdf, txt). - Easy Access on Photo, Audio, Video and Document. - Mark favorite folders/files/apps/contact - List and grid view for file explorer - Thumbnail for photo and videos - Support file shortcut on Home screen for easily access - List and grid view for file explorer - Basic features like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract etc. easily accessible - can Open files or Folder, Bookmark, Delete, Share, check properties and can Rename any files or folders.

Everything app is free, really easy to use with file organizer by category: Images, Music, Movies, Documents, Apps. This is the solid explorer files app, it’s so cool file manager android app that provides usage manager, storage manager and a lot of relevant features. We hope to provide a tool that find your file as fast as possible.

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  • • android
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  • • Kotlin


Software Version: Android 9.0


Android 9.0