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Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App

Product Details

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 1 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 2

- Version: 1.6.5 – ChangelogYoutube
- Last update: 20/03/2020
- Files Included: Full Working App Source Code
- This is Exclusive Product Licence from Envato.

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 3 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 4 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 5 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 6 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 7

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 8 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 9

Fluxstore WooCommerce is a universal e-commerce app inspired by the Flutter framework, made by Google. With the mission of reducing thousands of hours of business spent on designing, developing and testing a mobile app, Fluxstore comes as a complete solution for optimizing to deliver your app to the market with high productivity and cost efficiency. It could be able to satisfy all of the business requirements including e-commerce functionalities, impressive UX design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices.

If your business has already had the website that built based on WooCommerce, then it is easy to integrate with Fluxstore by just a few steps, and quickly release the final app to both Appstore and Google Play store. The download package is included the full source code and many related resources (designs, documents, videos…) that help you install in the smoothest way.

Either you are business people with raising sale ambition or developers with faster mobile application creation need, Fluxstore provides you solutions.
Faster- Smoother- Closer. 

Features availables

Full e-commerce features – Dynamic Product variants, checkout process, order tracking, refund, order notes, wishlist, manage address.

Great UX design multi-level categories, quick product filter, super smooth checkout flow, searching keyword history…

Flexible Design System – easy to config the homepage, category, Blog with a bunch of built-in components: Banner Slider, Banner Grouping, multi-columns Product view, Tinder animate layout, Stack animate layout…

Powerful User Setting – the ability to enable the push notification, view wishlist, order history, rate the app on app stores, Dark themes, Smart Chat setting, switching languages

Push notification – via Firebase and history messages is supported

Google Analytics – easy to track the user online and number of registration via Firebase as the realtime

Easy Customization and While-labeling – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, design assets, free extra API.

Offline Images Caching – speed up the loading performance with caching image offline method.

Easy Registration – support social Login, SMS Login by Facebook Account Kit, option to active the Guest checkout

Instance Synchronization – from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly without waiting for time.

Perfect splash animation by using new Flare design tools – https://2dimensions.com

60 frames per second (fps) app – working really well on both iOS and Android with support with

Support Smart Chat integrate with realtime Firebase, works with any Chat app like Messenger, WeChat, Whataspp… and also support the Intercom service.

More than 16 homepage templates – you can easy to make your own theme.

5 categories layout – optinon switch to other categories design, horizontal, menu, side menu, card views…

3 type of Blog Detail screens – change to difference sexy blog detail news via config file.

Multi-Languages – support to switch to any languages and easy to add your own Languages, and default currency.

Affiliate product – support the affiliate product type from WooCommerce

Powerful Option Config – to enable Guest Checkout, Require Login, enable Shipping, change currency format.

Dynamic Product Variant – and difference type of Layout (Colors, Dropdown, Box).

Powerful Map Picker to help fill in the billing address easier, just in few seconds to complete the address form

Advance Product Detail View Config – with the option to show SafeArea, Video, Thumbnail Gallery, Hero effect, Image Height.

Smart Recent Product View – to help to track your view history.

DeepLink – support for both ios and android, to help to reach to your app easier via another outside channel, such as route the user from website to open your app.

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 10
Official Site https://fluxstore.app
Company Site https://inspireui.com
Document guide https://docs.inspireui.com/fluxstore
iOS demo https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mstore-flutter/id1469772800
Android demo https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inspireui.fluxstore
Web demo (Flutter beta channel) https://web.fluxstore.app
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/inspireui
Medium Blog https://medium.com/@inspireui

Woocommerce features demo

Here are the different types of products on website demo https://mstore.io
In the app demo, you can search product name and explore it :)
Simple product
Grouped product
External/Affiliate product
Downloadable product
Variable product (color, size, ...)
Minimum quantity product
Out of stock product
On sale product

Our Clients feedback

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 11

UX Demo

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 12Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 13 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 14 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 15 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 16 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 17 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 18 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 19 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 20 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 21 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 22 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 23

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 24 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 25 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 26 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 27 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 28 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 29

What will you get?

  • Full Dart source code
  • Design Source by Figma design tools
  • Well documentation help using product effective
  • Free Splash screen animate by Flare
  • Lifetime use and free version upgrade
  • Free Video tutorial, please subscribe
  • Free WooCommerce website to help installing more easily
  • Private Gitlab repo to download previous version and instant fixing major issues
  • Private Facebook Group to sharing knowledge and discuss with Flutter community

What is the scope of supporting?

  • We support and ensure the features work as above product’s describe by using our pre-config website from github
  • For Regular License: we do not support for setting up the Development environment, nor the integration issues, example integrate with existing website and have issues xyz, please refer to our pre-config website from github
  • and the above features index.

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 30 Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 31

Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App - 32

Pubspec Library

The project is also using some library from https://pub.dev
provider: 4.x
flutter_facebook_login: 3.x
apple_sign_in: 0.1.x
google_sign_in: 4.1.x
google_fonts: 0.3.x
font_awesome_flutter: 8.x
firebase_messaging: 6.x
firebase_analytics: 5.x
firebase_auth: 0.15.x
google_maps_flutter: 0.5.x
image_picker: 0.6.x
firebase_admob: ^0.9.x
facebook_audience_network: ^0.4.x
razorpay_flutter: 1.1.x


version 1.6.5c – 20 Mar 2020
1. Update the latest demo https://web.fluxstore.app
2. Update - update the Search UX
3. Update - fix the Buy Now button without back button
4. Update - fix the Multi payment issue and update mstore-api plugin
5. Update- Order and Coupon issues
6. Update  - fix the build issue cause by OneSignal 
(we are stopping support the OneSignal due to the core library is not stable, we recomment ot use Firebase for push notification)
version 1.6.5 – 15 Mar 2020
1. New - integrate the Smart Chat with tawk.io live chat
2. New - upgrade the Search Paging, Filter and Search Autocomplete
3. New - load State dynamic from the select Country 
4. New - support min & max quantity WooCommerce plugin - https://woocommerce.com/products/minmax-quantities/
5. New - add new feature for Magento: Coupon, Guest Checkout.
6. Update - support the message history for OneSignal 
7. Update - add config to support language for Product Attribute
8. Update - update new coding rule for analysis_options.yaml (follow Dart Effective guideline)
9. Update - refactor the mstore-api Woocommerce plugin more secure 
10. Update - latest pub spec libraries
11. Update - many minor bug fix and performance improvement
12. Update - include the Wordpress demo from the download package.
version 1.6.4 – 25 Feb 2020
1. New - add more Products filter by Product Attribute 
2. New - add Sorting Product by Features, On Sale.
3. New - add Privacy Policies checkbox option at Sign Up screen.
4. New - replace the i18 by l10n languages.
5. Update - add Free Shipping Flat conditions & Max Order Quantity
6. Update - improve performance and UX when switching a new Language.
7. Update - add Stock Quantity condiction and Maximum Quantity Order Items.
8. Update - improve the UX when selecting the country list on the Sign Up screen.
9. Update - add Total Cart and improve Checkout animation on the Detail screen.
10. Update - fix the Checkout Webview issues.
11. Update - add new Caching Endpoint to improve the Categories Loading (for the subCategories layout)
12. Update - improve the mstore-api plugins, please update from the download packages.
13. Update - a lot of minor bug fixes and improvements
14. Important - add new Fluxbuilder beta release.
version 1.6.3 – 22 Jan 2020
1. New - support Group and Downloadable product (WooCommerce)
2. New - add Tracking Order Detail status timeline 
3. New - add options to the Banner Image allow navigate to tab menu.
4. New - add new config to load Font per Language
5. New - add new Japanese, Chinese, Spanish languages.
6. Update - Apple Sign In button to meet Apple Design
7. Update - fix lost logged in the section when close the app
8. Update - fix error on the review section.
9. Update - fix security issue from mstore-api
10. Update - improve the UX of swiping right to go back on iphone
11. Update - some minors bug fixes and improvement
12. Important Update - remove the JSON-API plugin, you need to update latest mstore-api plugin.
version 1.6.2 – 10 Jan 2020
1. New - big release for all iPad/Web compatible
2. New - horizon subcategories menu from the product list
3. Update - new Apple SignIn UI update,
4. Update - update the Provider 4.0, recommend for migration to speed up performance.
5. Update - fix build issues on Android.
6. Update - minor bug fix and improve performance
version 1.6.1 – 01 Jan 2020
1. New - Happy new year everyone !!
2. New - Ability to edit User Profile
3. New - new Web beta version (require to upgrade to Flutter beta)
4. New - support OneSignal Push notification
5. New - support Admob and Facebook Ads
6. Update - update issues on demo examples.
7. Update - fix some payment issues.
8. Update - latest Pubspec libraries
9. Update - a lot of minor bug fixes and performance improvement
version 1.6.0 – 14 Dec 2019
1. New - Add Apple Sign, this is required feature need to pass Appstore review
2. New - Add Google Sign In
3. New - Add new Currency Switcher Features
4. New - Compatible with latest Flutter 1.12 and Google Font
5. Update - add Percent Display on the product. 
6. Update - upgrade mstore-api  to v1.5.4 - https://wordpress.org/plugins/mstore-api
7. Update - minor bug fix and improvements.

<i>Note: More features are coming with 1.6.x (Web site version, Booking, Edit Profile, AppBuilder) will be available soon...</i>
version 1.5.9 -26 Nov 2019
1. New - Add Order Note when process checkout
2. New - support instant search on the homepage (tap the Search icon)
3. New - add more 2 videos for guiding how to release app stores.
4. New - support Downloadable product (add option to disable Shipping and Address)
5. Update - fixed critical build issue caused by pin_code_fields library.
6. Update - config.json file to support multi-languages (config_xx.json).
7. Update - fixed the Shipping cost not update after modifying from website
8. Update - fixed SMS Login issue
9. Update - fixed the logins "isRequired" issues when the user logged in
10. Update - update the splash screen to support loading by app Icon.
11. Update - minor bug fixed and update the latest libraries.
version 1.5.8 -15 Nov 2019
1. New - add 2 fresh & sexy Product Design Layouts: kProductLayout.fullSizeImageType and halfSizeImageType.
2. Update - refacto Tabbar config more flexible, compatible with new FluxBuilder - https://tppr.me/ac3I5
3. Update - fixed the Coupon Code & new Coupon restriction logic (min & max amount and date)
4. Update - fixed the Shipping issues, also support multi zone from the config
5. Update - fixed the Review not appear due to WooCommerce version 3.0
6. Update - update the Setting page without require Login
7. Update - update the UI of SMS Login and login issue.
8. Update - fixed the persist logout when closed the app
9. Update - improve the webview performance
10. Update - fix native Paypal issue & add new testing account: minh+test@gmail.com / Demo_123
11. Update - fix the Splash screen and Require logins issue.
version 1.5.7 -31 Oct 2019
1. Update - demo config theme that missing Tabbar configs cause crashing.
2. Update - fix SMS login crashing issues
3. Update - Wordpress Mstore API to get the domain email.
4. Update - support multi Shipping zone (woocommerce)
5. Update - minior bug fix
version 1.5.6 -25 Oct 2019
1. New - upgrade to Super-Speed App (please read https://medium.com/@inspireui/announcing-fluxstore-1-5-950e0165cab8)
2. New - compatible to debug HTTP network by Proxyman - https://proxyman.io/
3. New - support Custom Page URL, Tag/Feature Products and Banner Items
4. New - add an option to limit Country when checkout
5. New - support Cancel/Refund in the Order Detail 
6. New - Add Billing and Shipping address auto from website
7. Update - Fixed Searching issues with space, blue splash screen
8. Update - Add option to show/hide the Google Map picker
9. Update - Fix crash issues on Appstore demo
10. Update - minor bug fix from Github.
version 1.5.5 -15 Oct 2019
1. New - full compatible with iPad and iPadOS (for both landscape and portait).
2. New - open new Gitlab to download previous version & Facebook group, please submit to https://shrtm.nu/T7ch
3. Update - fix the coupon and shipping issues.
4. Update - wordpress api to 1.3.7 - https://wordpress.org/plugins/mstore-api/
5. Update - the code base on swift and kotlin to support faster build
6. Update - minor bugs fix and performance improvement.
7. Update - demo site for localhost - http://github.com/inspireui/mstore
8. Update - deprecated the Firebase Chat due to cloud_firestore slow running build issue #349, #37582 
(We will update this feature when these bug are fixed). If you would like to use previous version 1.5.1 please submit to Gitlab for downloading.
version 1.5.1 – 27 Sep 2019
1. New - add SMS Firebase Login (as previous Account Kit is being deprecated)
2. New - add a patch file to help update easily (please check new readme file)
3. Update - fixed some payment issues
4. Update - fixed the sign-up issues with new Mstore API plugin
5. Update - fixed the build grade issue on android (missing resConfigs)
version 1.5.0 – 24 Sep 2019
1. New - support native payment for Razopay, Paypal, Tap
2. New - support XCode 11 and iOS 13
3. New - add new Free WooCommerce config site
4. New - replace mstore-checkout by the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/mstore-api/
5. Update - Facebook Login SDK 5.0
6. Update - some missing demo theme data 01 to 20 (config_themexx.json)
7. Update - a lot of bug fix and performance improve
8. Update - add new series Youtube Channel to regular sharing tips - https://youtube.com/@inspireui
(New Medium Changelogs and video guide is coming very soon)
version 1.4.4 – 11 Sep 2019
1. New - add new 5 beautiful design home page, so we have total 20 now.
2. New - support parallax on category screens.
3. New - splash screen is now also supported static image, belong with the flare animate.
4. Update - show tax on my order screen.
5. Important Update - update the library to support latest Flutter 1.9 
(please run 'flutter upgrade' and restart the project)
version 1.4.3 – 28 Aug 2019
1. New - support 'autoPlay' for Banner Slider and the intervalTime
2. New - upgrade Filters by adding more product layouts
3. New - add Video widget, support Auto Play option (this experiment feature and not working on the simulator)
4. New - Banner Image widget is now support gift
5. New - Add option 'orginalColor: true/false' for Category Icon Widget
6. New - Add showSearch Icon delegate on home screen
7. New - support snapping on product horizon list
8. New - saving Cart to local storage
9. Update - minor bug fix and improvements.
10. New - add new video guide - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcF-HiQy-jOJAD8btGgr_CHcUmYyN8GgY

(Detail Blog Post to explain new feature will be updated on next v1.5)
version 1.4.2 – 22 Aug 2019
1. New - add Show Availability label from product detail.
2. New - integrate with Delivery Tracking AfterShip plugin (woocommerce)
3. New - add new Order Notes
4. New - compatible with WooCommerce Points and Rewards (woocommerce)
5. New - Add comment and Rating (woocommerce)
6. New - Ability to manage the Billing Address
7. Update - fixed lock screen to prevent multi login and new spintkit UI.
8. Update - fixed some minor bug on Github
version 1.4.1 – 15 Aug 2019
1. New - add new theme #16
2. New - add new Recent View products
2. Update - fixed facebook login issue.
3. Update - fixed Setting screen crashing issue.
version 1.4.0 – 12 Aug 2019
1. New - add 3 blog detail layout
2. New - add 15 demo home screen layout
3. New - add 5 category screen layout
4. New - add more vertical layout  (cart, Pinterest, columns, list view) with lazy loading.
5. New - add more horizontal layout (metro, 4 columns, list, category menu, icon category, images category, more animate banner type Tinder/Swiper/Carousel).
6. New - support DeepLink
7. New - product detail screen upgrade with new Gallery, Video type, Out-Of-Stock.
8. New - add option config for Guest-Checkout, disable Shipping option, Affiliate support.
9. Update - new config file, fixed many bug and performance improvement.
Detail Guide: https://shrtm.nu/qnh2
version 1.3.5 – 25 Jul 2019
1. New - SmartChat, integrate with Firebase and flexible integrate with other extend Chat app.
2. New - product list layout, support more Card, 3 Columns and 2 Columns view (default)
3. New - add new blog post - https://medium.com/@inspireui/announcing-fluxstore-1-3-3df2c063555c
4. New - dynamic product variant
5. New - category Links at the Left Sidebar (Drawer)
6. Update - fix the map picker issues
7. Update - add close button on product Galery
8. Update - fix the back button on Android device
9. Update - minor bugs fix and performance improvement.
10. Migration guide - update all the website plugins (include from the download package)
version 1.3.0 – 12 Jul 2019
1. New - awesome feature to pick up and fill in the address via Google Map
2. New - add coupon support
3. Update - registration issues and minor bug fix
4. Update - improve performance to compatible with the Flutter 1.7.
5. New - support AndroidX
6. New - onboarding screen and ability to strict use login via the config option
7. Update - new config option for the product detail 
8. Update - document guide and medium blog
version 1.2.1 – 07 Jul 2019
1. Update - performance issues on homepage
2. Fix - performance issue on Tabbar
3. Update - add <a href="https://medium.com/@inspireui/announcing-fluxstore-1-2-1ffe497d0f60?sk=053e905a0269a104fc30427bca6c3e19">changelog detail</a>
version 1.2 – 05 Jul 2019
1. New - push notification via Firebase and option from the Setting
2. New - Multi-language support, including RTL
3. New - Amazing Dart theme
4. New - Wordpress Blog is integrated (new horizontal list and separate list and detail blog screen)
5. New - Enhance the banner image with more setting.
6. New - add new Drawer (left menu side)
7. Update - performance loading
8. Update - some minor bug fix at registration.
9. Update - new document and New Medium blog will be updated on this note.
version 1.1 – 27 June 2019
1. Update - login issues
2. New - Instagram support on the homepage
3. Update - Many bug fix and performance improvement 
5. Update - new document - https://docs.inspireui.com/fluxstore/customization/
version 1.0 – 23 June 2019
1. Release the first version 
2. Fully compatible with WooCommerce

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