Gulp Webpack React Bootstrap Sass Template

Gulp + Webpack (CoffeeScript, Sass, JSX) + React + Bootstrap for Sass

This is a template for a client-side web app compiled using Gulp with Webpack. Bootstrap for Sass and React included.


Clone the repo:

$ git clone --depth 1

Install dependencies from npm and bower:

$ npm install
$ bin/bower install

Start development server:

$ bin/gulp dev

See your app at http://localhost:4000/.

The browser will automatically reload when any file in /src changes.

Production build:

$ bin/gulp prod
• Released: Jul 22, 2019, 01:31 PM

Gulp Webpack React Bootstrap Sass Template

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Web App Client Template: React. Sass, Coffee, JSX. Bootstrap for Sass. Compiled with Gulp and Webpack. size
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