Historical Redux2


Redux Framework is no longer hosted here! Since I am no longer the sole developer, we have moved to an organizational repo here, or visit our website! This page is kept for historical purposes only.

Redux Options Framework v2.0.0 Build Status

Wordpress options framework which uses the WordPress Settings API, Custom Error/Validation Handling, Custom Field/Validation Types, and import/export functionality.

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I develop Redux (and my other projects) because I enjoy them, and almost exclusively release them to the community as open source projects. If you can, please donate to help support the ongoing development of Redux Framework!

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  • Uses the WordPress Settings API
  • Multiple built in field types
  • Multple layout field types
  • Fields can be over-ridden with a callback function, for custom field types
  • Easily extendable by creating Field Classes
  • Built in Validation Classes
  • Easily extendable by creating Validation Classes
  • Custom Validation error handling, including error counts for each section, and custom styling for error fields
  • Custom Validation warning handling, including warning counts for each section, and custom styling for warning fields
  • Multiple Hook Points for customisation
  • Import / Export Functionality - including cross site importing of settings
  • Easily add page help through the class
  • Much more

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Getting Redux

Redux can be downloaded in several ways which are outlined below. Please use whichever way you are most comfortable with.

Download as a .zip archive

Once you have downloaded the framework, upload the .zip file to the root of your project and unzip it as follows:

$ cd my-project
$ unzip Redux-Framework-master.zip -d admin

Cloning the repository using git

Stable release

$ cd my-project
$ git clone git://github.com/ghost1227/Redux-Framework/ -b stable admin

Dev release

$ cd my-project
$ git clone git://github.com/ghost1227/Redux-Framework/ admin

Cloning the repository as a git submodule

Stable release

$ cd my-project
$ git submodule add git://github.com/ghost1227/Redux-Framework/ -b stable admin

Dev release

$ cd my-project
$ git submodule add git://github.com/ghost1227/Redux-Framework/ admin

Setting up Redux

Before you begin, you might want to replace all instances of Redux and redux with your own namespace. Note that the two are not interchangable! This can be done on UNIX-based systems by running the following commands from the root directory of your plugin or theme:

$ find . -type f -execdir sed -i'' -e 's/Redux/YourNamespace/g' {} \;
$ find . -type f -execdir sed -i'' -e 's/redux/yournamespace/g' {} \;

Include Redux in your theme functions.php or plugin as follows:


Edit admin/options.php as needed. You may want to create a backup of your admin/options.php file as it will be overwritten during future updates.


  1. Why should we use require_once instead of get_template_part?
  • First, because get_template_part is for... you guessed it, themes! Redux is designed to work with both themes and plugins.
  • Second, read this.
  1. Why shouldn't we edit defaults.php?
  • Because defaults.php is for defaults. Anything that is defined in defaults.php can be overridden in options.php.

Who's using Redux?

Are you using Redux?

Send me an email at ghost1227@reduxframework.com so I can add you to our user spotlight!


Development Branch

  • Added option to override icon_type per icon
  • Minor bug/versioning fixes
  • Added Font Awesome intro
  • Added raw_html option
  • Added text_sortable option
  • Switched from Aristo to Bootstrap jQuery UI theme

Version 2.0.0 (January 31, 2013)

  • Fixed SSL error which occurred occasionally with Google Webfonts
  • Added optional flag for wpautop on editors
  • Added password field type
  • Added checkbox_hide_all option
  • Added WP3.5 media chooser
  • Added Google webfonts previews
  • Updated to WP3.5 color picker
  • Minor style tweaks
  • Added graphical 'switch' option for checkboxes
  • Removed dependency on class extension for fields
  • Deprecated icons in favor of iconfonts

Version 1.0.0 (December 5, 2012)

  • Based on NHP Theme Options Framework v1.0.6
  • Cleaned up codebase
  • Changed option group name to allow multiple instances
  • Changed checkbox name attribute to id
  • Added rows attribute to textareas
  • Removed extra linebreak in upload field
  • Set default menu position to null to avoid conflicts
  • Added sample content for dashboard credit line
  • Minor style changes
  • Changed name of upload button
  • Refactored Google Webfonts function
  • Replaced stylesheet_override with admin_stylesheet
  • Made text domain a constant
  • Removed PHP closing tags to prevent issues with newlines
  • Added option to define custom start tab
• Released: Feb 15, 2020, 04:04 PM

Historical Redux2

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A simple, easily extendable options framework for WordPress based on NHP Theme Options Framework. size
git clone https://github.com/evertiro/historical-redux2.git