Jinja Bootstrap

Jinja Bootstrap

This library is for using Twitter Bootstrap with Jinja2 python templates. It is particularly useful for using Bootstrap with Django and Jinja templates.

Put simply, Jinja Bootstrap gives you all of this Boostrap awesomness with just a few lines of Jinja templates code.

Here are some formulas for you:

  • Bootstrap = CSS framework + Javascript framework + Twitter awesomeness
  • Jinja2 = Python + Templating language
  • Jingo = Jinja2 + Django
  • Jinja Bootstrap = Jinja2 + Bootstrap + love

NOTE: This library is under active development. Please open an issue if you have problems, questions, or suggestions for improvements to the code or the documentation.


  • A base.html template to use as a base for your bootstrap projects
  • Lots of blocks to make overriding easy
  • Form field rendering macros
  • Alert/message rendering macros

Version numbers:

  • Jinja Bootstrap 0.4.0
  • Bootstrap 3.2.0
  • jQuery 1.2.1


The quickest ways to get started are:

To install via pip:

pip install git+https://github.com/auzigog/jinja-bootstrap.git

Or to download this package as a zip

General Usage

The two most interesting files to take a peek at are:

bootstrap/layouts/base.html defines a base HTML layout that your templates can extend. There is a copy of Bootstrap's CSS/Javascript/images in bootstrap/static/ that you can use to quickly get started.

Inside bootstrap/layouts/base.html, the STATIC_URL context variable is used to define the path for your bootstrap folder. In Django, this works by default. In other apps, you will have to make sure to specify STATIC_URL yourself.

In Django, you can specify your own bootstrap files by putting your own static files (.css, .js) inside an app folder that is higher up on your INSTALLED_APPS list or is higher up on your TEMPLATE_LOADERS list. (This probably means putting files in my_app/static/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.js). This is especially necessary when you want to compile your own CSS from the original LESS files.

Block names

Blocks are named with the following conventions

  • All Javascript blocks begin with js_
  • All CSS blocks begin with css_
  • All important tags have a tag_wrapper block and a tag block. For example:
{% block container_wrapper %}
    <div class="container container-primary">
        {% block container %}


Jinja Bootstrap is designed primarily with Django in mind. Use Jingo to bring Jinja+Django together. (I recommend using the Concentric Sky fork of Jingo linked to here).

Install the following files using pip:

pip install git+https://github.com/concentricsky/jingo.git
pip install git+https://github.com/auzigog/jinja-bootstrap.git

Add/update the following lines in your settings.py file:

# Jingo support
JINGO_EXCLUDE_APPS = ['admin','registration',]

# Jinja Bootstrap support
    # ... your other apps

See the example django project for more examples about how to configure and use Jinja Bootstrap with Django.

Using with other frameworks

I'd love to know where/how folks might want to use this framework, but I'd like to add instructions to make that kind of thing easy.

Open an issue, if you'd like to suggest other ways of using Jinja Bootstrap or if you'd like to offer a set of instructions for getting setup with other platforms.

Suggested Addons

Other bootstrap add-ons you can use:


Pull requests and suggestions for these items are very welcome. :)

Major TODO items:

  • Add bootstrap support to other frameworks: Flask, Hyde, Google App Engine, others?
  • Put code samples inside the example django project
  • Macros to help with reponsive design (not sure what this would look like)

Bootstrap features to support:

  • Pagination
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Navigation other than the top nav
  • Helpers to make class="active" easy
  • Labels
  • Progress bars

Minor TODO items:

  • Inline help text on forms

Documentation TODO items:

  • Body classes and IDs


The develop branch is used for active development. The master branch will always contain the latest stable release.

This library uses version numbers according to the SemVer specification.


Built with love by Jeremy Blanchard.


This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Bootstrap is licensed under Apache 2.0. jQuery is licensed under MIT/GPL.

• Released: Apr 04, 2020, 11:00 PM

Jinja Bootstrap

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Python + Jinja2 templates + (Django) + HTML/CSS + Twitter Bootstrap + love = Jinja Bootstrap size
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