Currently using Foundation 6.5.3.

JointsWP Requirements

JointsWP requires Node.js v6.9.x or newer. This doesn't mean you need to understand Node (or even Gulp) - it's just the steps we need to take to make sure all of our development tools are installed.

Getting Started

Download JointsWP and install dependencies with npm

$ cd my-wordpress-folder/wp-content/themes/
$ git clone
$ cd JointsWP
$ npm install

At this point, JointsWP should be installed and fully running on your local machine. If you prefer to install the theme manually, that will work as well - just be sure to run npm install after manually moving the files into the /themes/ directory.

Working with JointsWP

Watching for Changes

$ npm run watch
  • Watches for changes in the assets/styles/scss directory. When a change is made the SCSS files are compiled, concatenated with Foundation files and saved to the /styles directory. Sourcemaps will be created.
  • Watches for changes in the assets/scripts/js directory. When a change is made the JS files are compiled, concatenated with Foundation JS files and saved to the /scripts directory. Sourcemaps will be created.
  • Watches for changes in the assets/images directory. When a change is made the image files are optimized and saved over the original image.

Watching for Changes with Browsersync

$ npm run browsersync

This will watch the same files as npm run watch, but utilizes browsersync for live reloading and style injection. Be sure to update the URL variable in the gulpfile.js to your local install URL.

Compile and Minify All Theme Assets

$ npm run build

Compiles and minifies all scripts and styles.

Compile Specific Assets

  • $ npm run styles - to compile all SCSS files in the assets/styles/scss directory.
  • $ npm run scripts - to compile all JS files in the assets/scripts/js directory.
  • $ npm run images - to optimize all image files in the assets/images directory.

File Structure - "Where to Put Stuff"

Custom Styles

  • style.css - this file is never actually loaded, however, this is where you set your theme name and is required by WordPress
  • assets/styles/scss/style.scss - import all of your styles here. If you create an additional SCSS file, be sure to import it here.
  • assets/styles/scss/_main.scss - place all of your custom styles here.
  • assets/styles/scss/_settings.scss - adjust Foundation style settings here.
  • assets/styles/scss/login.scss - place custom login styles here. This will generate it's own stylesheet.

Custom Scripts

  • assets/scripts/js/ - place your custom scripts here. Each .JS file will be compiled and concatenated when the build process is ran.


  • assets/images/ - place your theme images here. Each image will be optimized when the build process is ran.
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