Odin Framework

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Odin Framework

Project Description

Welcome to Odin, a base-theme developed by WordPress Brasil Group, to help on agile development of themes for WordPress.


Send the folder "odin" to the default themes folder from WordPress wp-content/themes or send the zipball using the WordPress Theme Installer.


Informations about how-to use the classes and functions from Odin is on the Official Wiki

Plugins Support

Odin supports natively these plugins:


Bugs and Sugestions

The Odin Framework is an Open Source project. Anyone can (and should) help us to improve it.

Report bugs or do suggestions using the Issues/Project Forum

Contribute to the Project

To contribute, just click on the Fork button, create a Branch, improve the code and send it with a Pull Request.

More details about how to contribute and send Pull Requests in GitHub Collaborating.

How to colaborate to opensource projects on GitHub


Changelog here!

Copyright and License

Copyright 2013 - 2018 - WordPress Brasil Group.

The PHP code is licensed with GPLv2. All the CSS, SCSS, JS, images files and others, not including the PHP files is licensed with MIT or by the license specified inside the file.

• Released: May 08, 2020, 07:43 AM


Author: wpbrasil
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Framework and base theme for development with WordPress. size
git clone https://github.com/wpbrasil/odin.git