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An incredibly powerful theme framework for WordPress. Official website:

WebDevStudios. WordPress for big brands.


Download here:


StartBox can be installed like any other WordPress theme, either via the built-in Theme Uploader, or by manually uploading to your server it via (s)FTP.

Important: If you use the "Repository Download" button, github will generate a file named "StartBox-master"). It is important that you rename the unzipped theme directory to "startbox", otherwise your child theme won't recognize that StartBox has been installed.


We highly recommend that you use a Child Theme instead of running StartBox directly. We've created a pretty simple StartBox Child Theme for you to modify and destroy as you see fit.

If you're looking for a more high-caliber design, we recommend one of these excellent themes.


Full documentation can be found at

Bugs & Feature Requests

Please open an Issue to report any bugs or feature requests.


Official support forums can be found at


Want to contribute? That's great! Patches are always welcome. Open an Issue and make a Pull Request.

  1. Open an Issue (or claim an open Issue).
  2. Fork StartBox.
  3. Create a branch (git checkout -b MyBox).
  4. Commit your changes (git commit -am "Added the best feature ever!").
  5. Push to the branch (git push origin MyBox).
  6. Open a Pull Request.
  7. Enjoy a refreshing beverage and wait.
• Released: Apr 19, 2020, 01:27 AM


Author: WebDevStudios
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An incredibly powerful theme framework for WordPress. Download here: Get our sample child theme here: — size
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