Tailor Page Builder for WordPress

This is the official GitHub repository for the Tailor page builder WordPress plugin.


  • True drag and drop layout creation (add, move, copy and create rows and nested columns).
  • Drag and drop templates.
  • History snapshots and undo/redo.
  • Device previews for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.
  • Support for device-specific settings.
  • Support for built-in and third-party widgets.
  • Support for WordPress features (multimedia, shortcodes and more).
  • Simple yet comprehensive configuration options.
  • Global layout settings (using the Customizer).
  • Page-specific layout settings.
  • Page-specific custom CSS.
  • Page-specific custom JavaScript.
  • A series of endpoints in the WP REST API v2
  • A comprehensive set of actions and filters.
  • A custom templating engine for easy customization.
  • Support for multi-language and RTL layouts.


  • Box.
  • Button.
  • Card.
  • Carousel and carousel items (supporting both content and media).
  • Contact Form (the Contact Form 7 plugin must be activated).
  • Content (the core element type which can be moved between other layout elements).
  • Gallery (supporting list, grid, carousel and slideshow layouts).
  • Grid.
  • Rows and columns.
  • Hero.
  • List.
  • Map (using Google Maps).
  • Posts.
  • Section.
  • Tabs.
  • Toggles.
  • User.
  • Widget areas (display any WordPress widget area).
  • Widgets (display any WordPress or third-party widget).
  • Jetpack portfolio (Jetpack portfolio must be activated).
  • Jetpack testimonials (Jetpack testimonials must be activated).

The editor provided supports the features you know and love from WordPress, including:

  • Video and audio embeds.
  • Adding and editing images, videos and galleries using the Media Library.
  • WordPress and third-party shortcodes.

Plus more:

  • Custom icons (used for inline icons or lists and support custom icon kits)
  • Custom headlines
  • Custom typographic elements like dropcaps, lede text and pullquotes

This allows you to manage all of your actual content in one place, not a series of disparate elements!

Portfolio elements

The following elements are available through the free Portfolio extension:

  • Projects

WooCommerce elements

The following elements are available through the free WooCommerce extension:

  • Products
  • Pricing tables
  • Testimonials

Advanced elements

The free Advanced Features extension extension introduces additional elements and exciting new functionality. Be sure to try it!

Custom elements

Adding your own custom elements is easy and can be achieved using a theme or plugin. For an example of each, check out:

Get involved

You can get in touch with questions or recommendations in a number of ways:

  1. Facebook or Twitter at @tailorwp.
  2. The Help Center
  3. The GitHub project

If you like the plugin, you can help by rating it.

• Released: May 03, 2020, 02:33 AM


Author: Enclavely
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