WhiteNoise Modern Animated UI Flutter

WhiteNoise - Modern Animated UI - Flutter

Effective & Modern Animated UI, which were once considered to be impossible and impractical, are now possible in Flutter. this Flutter app demonstrate how it can be done. (Without any 3rd Party Plugin/Package)

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Things implemented in this project

  • AnimatedContainer
  • AnimatedOpacity
  • Rotation Transition
  • Transform.Rotation (Not to be confused with the one above.)
  • AnimatedIcons
  • Custom Icons
  • StreamBuilder
  • Future.Builder
  • Several other UI components

Principle of Animation

The whole app is divided into 2 sections - left & right and each of them in further 3 sub sections- top, middle & bottom. Hence its divided into 6 total sections.

Every component is placed within appropriate sections and then these sections changes shape and size as per action. It might look that not much is going on but, it is. Look for subtle animations.

Audio Player section also animates according to expansion & collapsing action of its section.

Stream & Block triggers the animation in real-time and also updates the UI accordingly.

How to use this App

  • Clone the app

  • Run the following code in the terminal

    flutter pub get
  • Run the App on emulator or on real device to see it in action

    flutter run

Download the APK

Check the apk files included in this Repo. Install them on your device to test it.

Download arm64 APK

Download armeabi APK

App Demonstration Video

Cooming Soon...

About Me

Hi! my name is Akash Divya.

I'm a veteran Designer/Animator with 10+ years of experience. I always hated the excuses Developers gave me when they fail to implement my Design. One day, when I found about Flutter I said no more & started learning it.

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Email: akash.apd@gmail.com

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WhiteNoise Modern Animated UI Flutter

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