Wordpress Dynamic Posts Table For Page

Wordpress Dynamic Posts Table For Page

Wordpress Dynamic Posts Table is an wordpress plugin using which bloggers can list posts for their job/news portal in a customized manner.

How to use

[catposts cat-name="post-category-name"]

The above shortcode should be added to the page,where you want to display posts from a particular category say Sports in a news portal

[catposts cat-name="Sports"]
If you want certain number of posts to be displayed in a particular page then mention the posts count as illustrated below
[catposts cat-name="Sports" posts-count="12"]
h6>Dependencies to get striped and centered table include
to the head of your page . To enable the shortcode goto the functions.php of your theme and add this code
include( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/dynamicposts.php' );

upload this dynamicposts.php file to root folder of your website's currently active theme . Note:post-category-namemust be replaced with the desired common category name . e.g., we added the shortcode
[catposts cat-name="IR"]


and got the display as below,



With the increase of the posts in a particular category the table rows will be generated dynamically, displaying specific post data as shown below


Final Screenshot => dynamically displaying posts with last date taken from custom field


Adding Custom Field Data to the last column of the table:

Replace the code
 <td>Not Set</td>

By the below code ⇓

 ';?> <td>//start 
  $custom = get_post_custom();
  echo $custom['YOUR-CUSTOM-FIELD-NAME'][0];
  echo 'Not Set';
  <?php echo '</tr>'; //end 

Cheers !

• Released: Oct 08, 2019, 06:45 PM

Wordpress Dynamic Posts Table For Page

Author: Proloy-Bhaduri
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Wordpress Dynamic Posts Table is an wordpress plugin where bloggers can list their posts for job portal or news portal . size
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