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About this Project

The idea of the Plugin is:

“Increase productivity and decrease time spent with front-end code”.


This project was designed to accelerate my company's software development and to help everyone waste time with simple and repetitive Widget creation processes.
I will be happy if you can help me with as many PR's as you like so that we can perfect the plugin more and more

Email-me: thize@bluebookapps.com

Connect with me at LinkedIn.


  • Generate correct full layout
  • Generate layout distances (spacer, sizedBox, margin, padding, alingment)


This list is not very well-ordered. I'm mainly picking up things that seem interesting or useful.

  • Polygon
  • Show Structure
  • Automatic detect buttons


  • Google Fonts
  • Pedantic Analysis Options rules
  • Const
  • Line
  • Generate with Division
  • Generate with SimpleCode
  • Full layout
  • Text
  • Container/Elipse
  • Rotation
  • Svg / Svg group folder
  • Image
  • Export Color/Border/Shadow/Gradient
  • Export Global Colors/TextStyles/Components
  • Stops on LinearGradient and RadialGradient

Probably out of scope/non-goals

  • Auto Detect Material Design Widgets
  • Auto animated


Download xdx file from: https://github.com/thize/xd-to-flutter/releases or Download from Discover plugins Adobe XD


You can send how many PR's do you want, I'll be glad to analyse and accept them! And if you have any question about the project...

Email-me: thize@bluebookapps.com

Connect with me at LinkedIn.

Thank you!

• Released: May 11, 2020, 12:55 PM

Xd To Flutter

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