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Health Diary is the best health journal to track your daily activities easily.

You can track your activities in food,fitness etc. Track your own results daily.

Keep your routine and tasks organized as you build new habits! Now you can manage your tasks and keep track of your habits at the same time. Just insert a routine in HabitNow and record your daily progress.

Define habits according to your needs Create different habits, set daily, weekly or even monthly goals. Fix your schedule, goals, priorities and put them into different categories.

Set up reminders and alarms to achieve all your daily goals! So as to never forget your scheduled activities, set up different alarms and notifications.

Keep your habits and get better every day! Create streaks of success for your habits and motivate yourself tracking up your progress as time goes by. Check your progress with the calendar and add daily notes!

Track up your progress in an advanced way Know your performance in detail and analyze your progress on every habit that you record. HabitNow provides you many different charts and statistics.

Customize your experience as you like! Set your style with a wide range of themes.

Discover the app Widgets Consult and track up your daily progress in an easy way!

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Health Diary - iOS Source Code

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Compatible With: Swift, Software Version: iOS 12


iOS 12