Kids Daily Duas : Audio islamic duas

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Welcome to Kids Daily Duas : Audio islamic Duas or Kids AudioBook

Kids Daily Duas & Azkar for kids app will help your kid in learning the most important Islamic Duas & Azkar for different set of daily activities such as Dua for waking up and sleeping, Dua before eating, drinking water and many more. Kids Daily Duas & Azkar for kids features will help the child to learn Daily Duas & Azkar without any assistance as it excellently communicates with the kid to make him interested in learning to read, recite, and memorize the words of Duas and Azkar.

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- Designed for family Program ( Age 6 yeas up ) - Muslim Daily Duas & Azkar For kids in arabic audio and text french and english - Muslim Daily Duas & Azkar for kids without internet - Memorise Duas & Azkar from the Quran and Sunnah - Try to apply these Duas & Azkar in your daily lives, without the words going beyond the lips - Raise better practicing Muslim kids. - Daily Kids Dua Series is a easy-to-use - Dua that will make your Child Intelligent, obedient, and sharp. - The perfect gift for a child that is sure to be treasured. - useful list of free Islamic

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Kids Daily Duas : Audio islamic duas


Muslim Kids Daily Duas & Azkar kids to learn Islamic Duas & Azkar with English & french Translation.

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Kids Daily Duas : Audio islamic duas

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