Knock'Em All 3D - BuildBox Template

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Knock’Em All 3D is a Buildbox 3 template. This Hyper-casual game create from new idea and will have great Retention in the App Store & Play store The player will enjoy it and keep it for more than a week++ in their mobile phones.

Created with Buildbox 3.2.1 (Any previous version will not run this Template! )

Mechanic of Gameplay:

Hold the ball and shoot all items in the arena out when any item go out player get point and there is a finish line to go to next level. And it have You 47 Levels already built.

Ads Integration:

Buildbox 3 give the option to add Ads Easly with easy ads You can add Admob or Ironsource for IOS and ANDROID. You can add Facebook Analytics if you want to know you numbers(Installs & data) and if you want to do Facebook Ads too.

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Knock'Em All 3D - BuildBox Template

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  • • 3d
  • • android
  • • buildbox
  • • hyper casual game
  • • ios
  • • mobile
  • • source code
  • • video game


Software Version: Android 9.0


Android 9.0