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1. Description: A beautifully designed movie application-optimized display with iPhone and iPad allows you to have a rough review of a movie before deciding to spend your precious time enjoying it or simply get more information about movies to chat with friends. You have a high-quality banner image The duration of the movie Average review score Movie content summary Cast Crew And most interesting is that you can watch the video trailer of the movie

This application is for entertainment purpose only and is fully native, created in the latest Xcode version, support all latest feature of the iOS platform to provide the best user experience. The application is specially optimized, super easy to re-skin and customization

HOW DOES THE APP WORK This app has 3 main screens: Featured: List of all featured movies

Search: Strong and dynamic search bar

About: Info of author

WHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTED You need a Macbook or MacOS computer with Xcode IDE installed (latest version), you can easily download in here You will need a Firebase account if want to chase this app with metrics You will need an Apple developer account if want to publish this interesting app on App Store 2. Feature: Search for movies quickly Discover the most popular, trending movies Official movie trailers and tv show trailers. Find detailed information about a movie. All device include iPad support even latest like iPhone 11 family, iPad Admob already integrated Built-in Xcode using Swift 5.x

0 sales • Released: May 21, 2020, 09:53 PM

Movie Box

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Compatible With: Swift, Software Version: iOS 12, iOS 11


iOS 12,iOS 11
.h,.xib/.nib,Layered PNG