Neon Path - Unity Project

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You must carefully navigate the Neon Route and collect diamonds on the track.

This is a casual game in which there is an object in the start screen that you must carefully navigate the Neon Route and collect diamonds on the track. Gradually, the Neon Route will become more complicated and will show some new forms,if you hit the walls you’ll be a loser. Gradually, the speed of the game is increased. This game is very interesting.

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  • Document included
  • Made with unity engine
  • Support 64bit(IL2CPP)
  • Cross platform(iOS, Android)
  • Easy to customize
  • Speed difficulties


  • Unity 3D version 2019.3.9 or higher.


  • Install unity 2019.3.9 or higher version to load up the project and see the read me file for details about editing, reskining and etc
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Neon Path - Unity Project

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Software Version: Android 9.0, Android 8.1, Android 8.0, Android 7.2.x, Android 7.1.x, Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0, Android 4.4.x


Android 9.0,Android 8.1,Android 8.0,Android 7.2.x,Android 7.1.x,Android 6.0,Android 5.1.x,Android 5.0,Android 4.4.x
.apk,Layered PNG