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phpShort is an advanced URL Shortener Software, that allows you to easily shorten links, targeting your audience based on their location or platform, and provide analytics insights for the shortened links.

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User Demo (The demo user has access to the Admin Panel)
Stats Demo (Example of a stats page for a shortened URL)

User Features

LINKS – Shorten links, one at a time, or in bulk. Add custom aliases, protect them with passwords, or run a campaigns by setting an expiration dates.

SPACES – Organize your links into Spaces to easily manage them. Color code your spaces to recognize them at a glance.

DOMAINS – Brand your links with your own domains and increase your click-through rate with up to 35% more.

STATS – Get analytics insights for your links about your audience Location, Language, Browser, Platform, Device, Source, and Social media.

GEOGRAPHIC TARGETING – Target your audience by redirecting them based on their geographical location.

PLATFORM TARGETING – Target your audience by redirecting them based on the platform their using.

SHARING – Share the links you create via Email, QR code, or trough the most popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

Admin Features

DASHBOARD – Get an overview about of your website’s activity. See recently registered and subscribed users, or recently created links.

SETTINGS – Change website settings such as Registration, Email, Payment, Appearance, Legal, Invoice, Captcha, and so much more.

LANGUAGES – The built-in language system allows your user to feel at home by providing a quick way to switch between multiple languages.

PLANS – Manage your website pre-defined or custom Plans. Customize them to your business needs.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – View all your users subscriptions, or assign new manual subscriptions.

USERS – Manage your website users. View, edit, delete or suspend accounts. View user created objects and more.

SPACES – View, edit or delete all the Spaces created by your users. See all the links under a specific Space.

DOMAINS – View, edit or delete all the custom Domains added by your users. See all the links under a specific Domain.


  • Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite)
  • PHP 7.2.5+ (BCMath, Ctype, Fileinfo, JSON, Mbstring, OpenSSL, PDO, Tokenizer, XML, GD, cURL)
  • MySQL 5.7.7+
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    phpShort - URL Shortener Software

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    High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Software Version: PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x, Other


    PHP 7.x,MySQL 5.x,Other
    JavaScript JS,JavaScript JSON,HTML,CSS,PHP