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Quick Chat

  “Quick Chat”  app is easy to use and most amazing app for wanted to send a WhatsApp message to a phone number that’s not in your contacts. .

are you use WhatsApp?


  • Send message without saving (Unsaved) number
  • Quick send message to Recent calls
  • Use app without registration and login
  • Dark Theme Feature (Best)
  • Push notification
  • Admob integrated
  • Splash Screen

WhatsApp provides you chatting platform.

  • In order to send and receive status updates to and from your contacts, you and your contacts must have each other’s phone numbers saved in your phones’ address books.
  • but sometime you want to send message without saving phone number in contact list using WhatsApp. these things are not due by WhatsApp. what to do?
  • Quick Chat app is introducing this kind of functionality. so, you can send message to anyone without saving contact. how to use this app?
  • just type the phone number or choose number from recent call logs that you would like to send a WhatsApp message and this app will open a WhatsApp and start conversation with that phone number.


App provide:-

  • Google ad mob. (banner ads and Interstitial Ads)
  • Share app
  • Push Notification

Online Document(Quick Start Guide) : Quick Guide

Demo .apk File: Download Now


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Quick Chat App For WhatsApp

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Software Version: Android 9.0, Android 8.1, Android 8.0, Android 7.2.x, Android 7.1.x, Android 6.0


Android 9.0,Android 8.1,Android 8.0,Android 7.2.x,Android 7.1.x,Android 6.0