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React Milkshake Firebase - A ReactJS boilerplate including authentication

Product Details

A React starter kit for the rapid development of high-performance web apps.

Includes a custom CLI to generate boilerplate code and implements features like code-splitting, redux-persists and some cool components to kickstart your next project. Read more at reactmilkshake.com.

Why React Milkshake? - Start with a boilerplate designed for scalability & performance. - Boost your productivity by using the CLI for generating boilerplate code. - Work with quality code. Keeping things simple so you can start building your product from day 1.

Firebase Need authentication in your app? This Firebase edition has Firebase all set up for you. Just fill in your credentials and without any effort, you can let your users register and log in to your application. The routes, forms, and even the reset password flow are all ready to use. Firebase is built on Google infrastructure and scales automatically, for even the largest apps.

Authenticated Routes The Firebase edition comes with an AutheticatedRoute helper so you can easily redirect users that are not logged in.

Messages This Firebase edition comes with a notification component that will show users success and error messages. You can easily use this component for all kinds of notifications you want to show to your users. It works for different types of messages like success, error, warning, and info.

Generate components This project includes a custom CLI for generating code for components and pages.

Generate Redux boilerplate Redux is the most popular state container used in modern JavaScript applications. Although Redux is very powerful, it also requires you to write a lot of boilerplate code. This project includes a custom CLI for generating this initial boilerplate code for you.

Redux persist This project is set up with Redux Persist using session storage, so you can refresh the page without losing the data in your store.

Code Splitting Code splitting will boost the performance of your application. This project is set up so that all the code of the next page starts loading when you hover over the link in the sidebar.

Boosted SEO React Helmet is used to manage the metadata of the corresponding web document that is being served via React components.

Styled Components This boilerplate is setup with styled-components: Visual primitives for the component age.

Create React App This project is based on ‘create-react-app’, which gives you an environment that will have everything you need to build a modern single-page React app.

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React Milkshake Firebase - A ReactJS boilerplate including authentication

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