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Place the slice by tapping in one of the outer plates. Once the plate is full, it will pop with nearby plates. Try and challenge the highest level at leisure.

How to play: 1. Tap the outer plate to place the center slice. 2. New generated slice is shown in the center. Next slice is shown at the right top. You can take it as a hint to choose the proper plate. 3. If one plate is full, it will pop with nearby plates. The more slice you can put, the more scores you get. The game fails if no plate is available to plate the new slice. 4. The collection page shows various circle style, including fruits, food, flower, country, beast, monster, tattoo. You can unlock new circle style after each level up. It also allows you to switch circle style during game. 5. Bomb is prepared for you to explode one plate during game. The bomb is only available after watching a rewarded video. If the game fails, you still have one chance to use the bomb unless the no rewarded video is available. 6. Sound on/off support: you can turn on/off the sound during the game.

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Top Features

  • • cut
  • • fruit
  • • jelly
  • • knife
  • • match 3
  • • saga
  • • slices


Software Version: Android 9.0


Android 9.0