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Unseen-Read all Messages without opening Apps for WhatsApp,Instagram,Messenger etc,

Product Details

This is messaging android app based. You can see and read messages of socail application without opening them for privacy purpose.

UNSEEN-Read all Messages without opening Apps for WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger etc is very easy to use when you receive a message from one of the supported chat Apps. Application provide you facility will be displayed in unseen. There, User or consumer can read these chats and messages whenever you want, Without having any of your friend knowing that have been seen it.
Now don’t worry to remove or disconnect the internet connection or activating mode anymore. Hidden chat no last seen App makes it easy to sort and access your messages in secure way.

Features of Application
• Increase privacy and secrecy.
• Read in messages without getting seen privacy.
• Battery efficient and lightweight application.
• Free of cost.
• View unseen messages in anonymous mode.
• Standard and simple UI for double check.
• Hide the seen status and read receipts

Compatibility Standalone Apps :
• Messenger.
• Mobile SMS.
• WhatsApp.
• Instagram.
• Viber.
• Telegram.
• KakaoTalk.
• Line.
• Imo.

On Google Play

Link to Google Play Store page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tzgames.ringer

WhatsApp Support +919096924022

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Unseen-Read all Messages without opening Apps for WhatsApp,Instagram,Messenger etc,

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Software Version: Android 4.0


Android 4.0
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