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WooCommerce checkout manager is a plugin built to be the wizard of checkout pages. Helps to modify in an intuitive way, allows fields customization, to extend billing information and to create any field required at WooCommerce checkout.

WOOCOMMERCE CHECKOUT PROCESS WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to customize the checkout process, including or reducing order’s fields collected. Our plugin is able to consider your billing data inside checkout page, and recovers all data required by your company process.

FORCE TO INCLUDE SHIPPING ADDRESS This option allows you to remove the toggle checkbox to display the shipping fields. Shipping fields will be always displayed, and the user is forced to complete them.

FORCE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT This option allows you to remove/include, the account creation during the purchase process. If selected, the account will be always created with the email defined by the user in the billing fields.

REMOVE ORDER NOTES This option allows you to remove the order notes in the checkout form.

ADD MESSAGE BEFORE CHECKOUT This option allows you to include a custom message before or after the checkout form. This works as engagement action message to grateful your customers.

WOOCOMMERCE CHECKOUT FIELDS WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to include custom fields to the checkout page, related to billing, Shipping or Additional fields sections.

Our plugin allows to reorder, remove or change the field type of the WooCommerce core fields. You can choose between this field types: Text, Textarea, Password, Radio, Checkbox, Select, Country, State, Multiselect, Multicheckbox, Heading, Colorpicker, File uploader.

WOOCOMMERCE CHECKOUT CONDITIONAL FIELDS WooCommerce Checkout Manager supports conditional checkout fields allowing you to show/hide the fields based on any value of its parent fields.

Our system detects the parent field type and allows you to select the value based on the available options.

WOOCOMMERCE CHECKOUT UPLOAD FILES You can include an unlimited number of files from different types into fields. Then offer the user an option to display the uploaded files in order. The user will be allowed to upload or delete fields through the order page.

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WooCommerce Checkout Manager

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